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Uche(as he is more commonly referred to) came to South Africa in 2003 as part of a group of singers and preachers on a tour of the country and neighbouring Lesotho. They had the opportunity to sing at various venues including Soweto. Shortly after the tour, Uche enrolled at the World Harvest Bible College in Germiston and completed a qualification in theology.
As a result of the qualification and serving in Christian ministry, Uche is now a pastor at Lyndhurst based Hallelujah ministries.

His most notable achievement is perhaps his hit track, "My God is good oh". With over a million hits on the online video portal You Tube, the song has had phenomenal success with listenership across the African continent and in other parts of the world.
"I performed the song with Joyous Celebration, a choir headed by Mthunzi Namba, Lindelani Mkhize and Jabu Tshlongwane. The song incorporates various African languages including bits of pidgin, Swahili and Lingala. This is part of the reason that it has become so popular on the continent and I have been invited to a number of countries to perform for large audiences including the 50,000 who showed up for the New Year Eve party in Kenya last year."
Other than countries in Africa, Uche has also had an opportunity to travel to a number of international destinations promoting his music and spreading the gospel. In particular, he makes frequent trips to the United Kingdom.
"What really strikes me about places like the UK is the simplicity of the people in spite of being in a first world economy. This differs from places like Nigeria where people are quite extravagant. A man will have several cars and live in a really big mansion in spite of having only a wife and a couple of kids whereas in the UK people think of investing their money rather than making a statement. They are not that interested in expensive new stuff but spend wisely."
He takes a moment to shut down his Samsung notepad and places it next to his brand new iPod. I smile broadly and he immediately picks up on the irony.
"Hey, am Nigerian, have to keep it real!" he giggles.
I ask him about being Nigerian given the fact that most of the stories you hear about his country men are lacking in the sort of praise he has come to be associated with.
"Well our reputation is like a perfume that follows us everywhere we go," he elucidates, "but every country on earth has good and bad people but it is Judas who is the most well-known amongst all the disciples. Our people are all over and are quite aggressive, particularly in business. If you go to any country and you don't find Nigerians doing their thing, you need to leave immediately. There is no money to be made there!"
I laugh. Perhaps encouraged to expound, he continues.
"A Nigerian does not sit around and wait for government to give him money to start something. He sells his shoes and starts small and before you know it he is a millionaire. We are very creative but one of our problems is bad governance. Hopefully with the election of Goodluck Jonathan things will change and our leaders will become responsible. Our country is full of of potential."

We come back to discussing Uche's own potential. He scooped two honours at the Crown Gospel Awards late last year: Best DVD and Best Praise Album, and on the morning of this interview, he was on his way to a rehearsal to perform at the South African Music Awards. In addition to performing at the awards, he was nominated for two awards at the most prestigious multi-genre musical award event in the country. He views these nominations as the beginning of great things to come.
"It was more than an honour just to be nominated. I plan to continue serving God and look forward to more of his blessings. I am close to dropping my second album and I am also working with others in creating a platform for talent from all over Africa."
Although Uche is a gospel artist, he is also able to perform inspirational and promotional music. He would however not record music that is contrary to his beliefs.
"I don't think it is wrong to sing or appreciate music that is not bona fide Christian. The Songs of Solomon is a chapter in the Bible made up of mainly love songs. So I am definitely open to collaborating with a secular artist as long as it is not vulgar or distasteful."
Uche says that as a result of his recent publicity, he now gets recognised in public places. However, he does not consider himself a celebrity and has therefore not let the attention get to him. He does however find it difficult to have to stop and chat to strangers and smile even when he is tired or in a hurry.
He is still single but lets me in on his imminent plans to tie the knot.
When I ask about his hobbies, Uche insists that he is a good cook and an excellent swimmer. He doesn't fit the profile of an onion chopping Michael Phelps but as he is a man of God, I accept it and we part ways.

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                  COMFORT & JOHN WEDDING.....

22nd Sept 2012

                                                                                  MLIPENDEZAJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ....WOWWWW

                                                                                MAPAMBO NDO HAYOOO...Ukiyahitajii tutakuelekeza

TULIANZA NA COCKTAIL....Remember No Alcohol..




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Daraja la Kigamboni lazinduliwa na Rais Kikwete  jana tarehe 20 Septemba .

Daraja lenyewe linatarajiwa kuwa kama hivi....

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Wow Wow Hongera sana Comfort ,You look gorgeous you look mwhaaaaa... Ilipendeza sana and wamama tumetoka pale tumeiva kwa teaching...uongo uongo jamani?



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I still remember that day when my Doctor told me that,I am carring a Big Baby so it is not possible by any means to go under normal delivery,will have to get prepared for C-Section (Operation).
I don’t have a word from Bible that said that C-Section was wrong,but I have prayed and we agreed me,my husband and my God that my delivery will be normal,now come the Dr,Gynecologist from the big hospital Agakhan telling me,normal delivery is not possible! You know what when you have Jesus,Holy Spirit and Word of God in you,your ways will not be as ways of this World…
I told my Doctor in his face,”Doctor the Jesus that is living in me will not allow C-section,I will deliver normal as I prayed. Then we laughed and I went back home and told my husband about it. That night we prayed and prayed more in Spirit rebuking the spirit of operation and death.
My Doctor in his mind he knew that I was just saying those words because I was not due yet,maybe when that time came I will surrender to C-Section. But on our side we knew that there is nothing that is above Jesus and Jesus Word is True and Amen,if he has said in his Word that when you prayed trust that you have receive it in Mark 11:24 "I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours"
Then time come,it was 11.00 p.m I started feeling labour pain and we rushed to the hospital,when Martenity Doctors checked me they said that it seems I have a big baby so I should wait and be ready for anything, so they contacted my Doctor.
Then at Hospital me and my husband we started taking a step of Faith we walk around the circle garden which is at Agakhan hospital seven times praying,as children of Israel walks around walls of Jericho seven times,and at the ends the walls fall down. So we prayed against the wall of delivery complications and C-Section. Then, I sent a message to my Pastor about the whole situation then she prayed and gave us a Word from Exodus 1:19 "The midwives answered Pharaoh,Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women,they are vigorous and gave birth before the midwives arrive" we stand with this word also.
At about 1:00p.m I was full of Faith and my husband went back home. I didn’t feel any labor pain,so I slept. In the morning they checked me and insisting in what my Doctor has said. They told me we are giving you few hours to think then we can call your Doctor for a procedure.
In the afternoon,they brought me in the labor room,I thank God that my husband was allowed so we continue praying. One Doctor was coming after another giving the same comment.
Finally my Doctor called and he told me I am coming so get ready for an operation because now the baby is tired and even nurses are saying the baby heartbeat are going down,so I am coming….
That time the cevix dilate was only 4 cm,and the baby was coming out very slowly.
We hold hands with my Husband and prayed and prayed loudly,in spirit ..That day I saw Jesus Power live in my life,you know what happened? in few minutes I delivered a healthy Baby Girl. Neither did I nor my Daughter that get any compilications. GLORY BE TO GOD ,HALLELUJAH!
I remember my Doctor called me very exited ,telling me you people you have strong Faith and it worked for you!
My Friend it does not matter what people are saying,that report that you have receive from a Doctor is not final because Doctors are human being like us. Keep your trust in God ,he will not let you down.
Are you looking for a Baby,let me ask you one question which report do you believe? In Isaiah 53:1 it is written "Whom report do you believe? And to whom the arm of the Lord revealed" .
Do you believe the report of that Doctor that your tube is like this and that ,NOOO….Lift your eyes and trust him because He has said in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
Are you looking for a husband or wife,trust me he/she is ready just waiting for the right time to come,Trust God,it doesn’t matter that you are above 30 or 50 as I said before our ways are not ways of this world. Normal people will not understand what you are saying but keeping holding on your faith,your miracle is very close.


Stay Tuned more exciting and uplifting testimonies to come..

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Welcome to Rejoice and Rejoice Blog

Napenda kuchukua nafasi hii kumshukuru sana sana Mungu wetu aliye juu,kwa kuwezesha blog hii kuanza. Najua bila Mungu mimi si kitu si chochote maana yeye ndio anayeweka mawazo katika akili zetu ya kufanya vitu,namtanguliza yeye na nasimamia ule mstari katika biblia kutoka katika Kitabu cha Zaburi or Psalms 23:1 " Bwana ndiye mchungaji wangu,sitapungukiwa na kitu" najua sitapungukiwa na kitu kwa maana yeye anaishi ndani yangu....Halleluyaaaa..
Namshukuru mume wangu mpenzi Henry na babies girls maana I know pia bila wao si rahisi kabisa hii Blog ianze,i can say kwa kunivumilia hata pale ninapokosa muda wa kuwa nao for sometime hasa napokuwa napost post humu blogini....
Basi niwashukuru nyie woote marafiki,ndugu,washirika na wadau woote...
Shukrani za pekee my daughter of honor Philipina kwa ushauri na kunitia moyo katika hili...meeting held at

Karibuni sana sanaaa,ndani humu kushauriana na kutiana moyo katika maisha Mungu aliyotupa hapa duniani....
Naamini katika utatu Mtakatifu,Mungu Baba,Mwana na Roho Mtakatifu
Naamini kwamba Bwana Yesu alikufa na akafufuka na siku ya mwisho atakuja kunyakua na kuchukua Kanisa meaning wote waliokufa katika mpendwa wangu tukazane siku hiyo tusije tukaachwa....Ameeen

Philippians 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice"!

Wapendwa kama mstari unavyosema hapo juu,kwakweli Rejoice in the Lord! Haijalishi ni Jaribu gani unapitia please Rejoice because you have Christ in you na kama neno la Mungu linavyosema katika Colossians 1:27 “Christ in you the Hope of Glory,hata kama umekaa miaka mingi bila kupata mtoto na wakwe zakwe na watu wengine wanakusema vibaya wanakucheka simama na jipige kifua na ujiambie huu mstari Christ in me the hope of Glory. Yawezekana umekwenda hospital wakakuambia una ugonjwa ambao hautibiki usijali jipe Moyo na ujue kwamba Madaktari wa duniani wana elimu ya duniani tu ya sayansi na wao sio final..yuko Bwana Yesu anayejua mustakabali wako atakushindia nayeye katika maneno yake amesema kwamba kwa kupigwa kwake Bwana Yesu sisi tuliponywa,unachotakiwa wewe ndugu yangu ni kuamini tu,au wazungu wanasema have Faith,Imani inaweza kufanya yale mambo yanayoonekana kwamba ni magumu kuwa mepesi kwako. Maneno ya Mungu yanasema kwa Imani Sarah alipata mimba akiwa ameshapita kile kipindi ambacho kina mama hawawezi tena ku-concieve akiwa na umri wa miaka 90 hebu fikiria mpendwa wangu kweli hilo jaribu lako laweza kuzidi hili kweli jamani….inuka na songa mbele….

Je una madeni?Au unahitaji mwenza wa maisha? Je mke au mume wako amekimbia au amebadilika? Yeye alikufa msalabani na akasema imekwisha,mwamini Yesu yeye ni mwaminifu atabadilisha historia ya maisha yak oleo mpendwa wangu…..SONGA MBELE…Naupenda sana ume wimbo wa ‘Hakuna jaribu kumbwa hawezi ondoooa… sikumbuki vizuri nani ameimba but unatia moyo sana….

Kitu cha ajabu sana kuhusu NENO LA MUNGU ni hai,ukitamka linakwenda kubadilisha situation…..tutakavyokuwa tunaendelea nitashare shuhuda mbalimbali uone jinsi Mungu alivyo mkuu na mwaminifu katika ahadi zake….


Hallelujah karibu ~ Rejoice and Rejoice…..