Friday, November 30, 2012

Congratulation Wisley on Your Graduation Day

Event: Graduation Ceremony
Congratulation Wisley ,You made It
Nakuona hapo na Double G

With Friends

The Tallest Graduate

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Thursday, November 29, 2012



World renowned South African gospel and worship leader, Lionel Petersen, is set to perform alongside Sonnie Badu, at the much anticipated “Sonnie Badu Peace Concert”.

The concert, billed for 1st December,2012 at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre, is set to be the biggest gospel music concert to be staged in Ghana, and the addition of one of the most respected acts on the world wide gospel music circuit will go a long way to increase the concert's hype.

Famous for mega gospel hits such as “Jabulani Africa” “When the Righteous Prosper" "Peace" "Instruments of Your Peace" and "Behold the Lamb", Lionel Petersen is renowned not merely for the soul inspiring music he's churned out since the 80's but also for his abilities as a worship leader and a preacher .

Ironically, he began his career as a pop singer with legendary South African pop group,The Invaders, from 1969 to 1971.

He has collaborated with artists like Chevelle Franklin, Neville D and Judith Sepuma and sang on the soundtrack for the 2008 feature film Hansie.

In 2010 he was a judge on the first season of the ONE Gospel reality competition Shine in his native South Africa.

This will be Lionel's second visit to Ghana, and it is expected that his presence and subsequent performance will thrill audiences on the night of 1st December,2012.

Meanwhile, organizers have revealed that the list of local acts to perform at the mega gospel concert will be released in the coming weeks.

The Sonnie Badu Peace Concert is sponsored by Atlantic Trust, a dubai-based Ghanaian owned investment and finance company and supported by Access Bank and Fidelity Bank.

It is powered by Empire Entertainment and Media GH; under the auspices of The Telecom Network and the Hour of Hope Charity.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hijacked couple: Gospel CD saved us

A Free State couple in believe that a gospel CD saved their lives after armed men attacked, kidnapped and hijacked them from their home in Tweespruit, South Africa.

Primary school principal Pierre du Toit, 59, and his wife MariƩ, 58, a teacher at the school said they knew the Lord was with them when the robbers put on one of their gospel CDs in the car, reported Volksblad.

The Du Toits thought they were going to die when the men put them in one of their cars and drove off.

At one stage the car hit a pothole and one of the tyres burst.

But soon after putting on the gospel CD, the hijackers saw an oncoming blue-light car and got a fright, abandoned the car and ran away.

“It is a miracle that they are alive,” said their son, Christo.

He believed they had been kidnapped to kill them.

The couple said they thought a former employee with whom they were in a labour dispute, was involved.

Their cellphones, jewellery, the woman’s wedding ring, keys and money were stolen along with weapons from the safe.

The armed men were apprehended by police.

Culled from News24

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hoja Yangu Leo: Majina tunayowapa watoto Je yana Faida au Hasara Yoyote?

Majina tunayowapa watoto wetu yana madhara au faida yoyote katika maisha yao ya sasa na baadae?

Je unamshauri nini mtu ambaye anategemea kumpatia mtoto wake Jina Je ampe tu la Babu au Bibi Yake au lolote tu au ampe kutokana mambo na hali alizopitia katika kipindi  cha kabla ya kuzaliwa au baada ya kuzaliwa mtoto huyo?

Tunaomba Mawazo na Ushauri wako umsaidie mtu anayejiandaa kumpa mtoto Jina..



Karibu Bonyeza Comment,Andika Maoni Yako,Halafu kibox kidogo hapo chini chagua Name uandike Jina au chagua anonymous,Halafu chagua Send.



Karibu Sana

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Welcome First Year Night with City Shakers

Wow it was on last Friday in the City of Dar es Salaam,where first year from different colleges and University gathered at City Harvest Church to Worship,Praise and Listen to the Word of God.

Holies of Holies..I love this group they mean business

He make the whole congregation to jump

Now comes the Time......City Shakers on the Stage!
MC Lawrence



The Program was well organised with presence of different Gospels Singers,Praise Teams and Drama Groups from Colleges and Universities.



After Worshipping and Praising Lord for hours and Hours then Pastor Malonga Shared the Word of God with the Title The Time is Now.
He persuade the congregations that he has to tell the Truth that Time to be Born Again is Now. He also insisted that many preachers these days they are just preaching on Miracles and Prosperity only and forgotten the important part of the Gospel that people should turn from their wicked way and turn their life to Christ.
The preaching was so powerful and at the end of preaching, about 10 of people including students accepted Jesus as their Personal Savior and Lord, Praise be to the Lord God! Amen
There were Drama groups which makes the congregations to laugh a lot. I remember one from UCF  and City Harvest.

Drama Group from City Harvest,I can see the City mate and Sukuma people you real made our night
 Time for Zilipedwa.....we real enjoyed wow,Old songs like Katika Viumbe Vyote,Lulu etc

It was Glorious....we were soo soo Blessed