Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Billy Graham Encourages Americans to Vote Biblical Values

Billy Graham Encourages Americans to Vote Biblical Values

Rev Billy Graham

Rev. Billy Graham is encouraging people to vote based on biblical values.
"We are at a crossroads and there are profound moral issues at stake," Graham said  "I strongly urge you to vote for candidates who support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman, protect the sanctity of life, and defend our religious freedoms."
"The legacy we leave behind for our children, grandchildren and this great nation is crucial," he continues. "As I approach my 94th birthday, I realize this election could be my last. I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel."
Graham also urged voters to pray that America remains one nation under God.
Political experts say a push to support biblical principles usually appeals to the Republican party. But it's unlikely to sway voters who already have their minds made up.
"I personally am a Christian and like to vote based on my spiritual beliefs and values, and I would tend to vote for a candidate that values that as well," Romney supporter Tom Duzan said.
"You're being very sneaky and insidious about endorsing a candidate without saying the actual words," Emery Anderson, an Obama supporter, said.
During the next few weeks Graham's ad will run in USA Today and several other newspapers in as many as a dozen states.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Nigeria Church Blast

Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Nigeria Church Blast

Seven people are dead and at least 100 others were injured after a suicide bomber ran an SUV filled with explosives into a Catholic church during mass Sunday.
The bombing in Kaduna is the latest in a series attacks on Nigerian churches. No group claimed responsibility for this attack.
The radical Islamist group Boko Haram has attacked several Nigerian churches this year, killing hundreds.
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the attack.
"The persistence of messengers of evil will not prevail over the will of the government and the people to secure peace and safety," Reuben Abati, a spokesman for the president, said.

Its our Prayer that God will protect his Church"


Monday, October 29, 2012

Get to Know:Twamsifueli Worship Group

Twamsifueli Worship Group formed by East African Ladies resides in Canada

In January 2010 in Ontario, Canada, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated ladies thought of worshiping God and telling of His wonders through dancing.  They decided to form a dance group called “Twamsifueli” which in Swahili, a popular East and Central African language means “We Praise The Lord”.
The Group is formed by East Africa ladies( from Tanzania and Kenya) who lives in Canada, namely Adeline,Beatrice,Catherine K,Catherine L,Levina,Millicent,Nsiande and Pauline.
Twamsifueli believes that, "If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance". By dancing, we allow ourselves to move from the inside out, and naturally create some healing and harmony to ourselves and the world around us.  In Africa where we come from, dancing does not mean only physical movement, but also a celebration of life and a creation of healing.

•African Heritage Traditional Songs.

•African and Non-African Religious Songs.

•Motivational Songs.


•Seniors in Retirement Homes and Homes for the Aged.

Why We Want to Dance for Seniors in Retirement Homes, Homes For The Aged, and Community & Social Events?

•Our group is aware that dancing is not a trouble-free recreation for most elders, but by watching us dance and imagining/letting themselves dance in their hearts and minds with us, they too can add a day, if not a week of happiness in their hearts and minds.

•Our African traditional dance will be our way to show contribution to our family duties.  Entertaining elders is our way to return love and appreciation and to provide comfort and assurance to our aging parents (here and from wherever we came from).

•As much as our children, work, and church activities heave us in many directions, we shall endeavor to continue to honor our aging parents by making provision for their occasional needs; for instance, by providing entertainment for them through dance and music.  

•Community gatherings give us a sense of belonging and of solidarity. It is a time to connect with each other, to be part of that collective rhythm of the life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women are all invited to contribute to the society. Through dancing, Twamsifueli hopes to express the life of the community.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wamisri Waungana Kuombea Taifa lao/Egypt's Christian Youth Unite to Pray for their Nation

Egypt's Christian Youth Unite to Pray for their Nation

Ni wakati sasa wa Kanisa la Tanzania kuiga mfano huu wa wakiristo wenzetu wa Misri,wameamua kuungana na kuombea Taifa lao. Inasadikiwa watu zaidi ya elfu mbili waliungana kuliombea Taifa lao. Soma zaidi hapo chini......

Earlier this month, Egyptian Christians gathered for an urgent time of fasting and prayer, seeking God's protection from the rising influence of Islam on Egyptian society.
In a video rarely seen in the Muslim-dominated Middle East, 10,000 Egyptian Christian youth united in the desert for praise, prayer, and worship.
The massive prayer rally was called One Thing.
The youth gathered each day from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.
Some traveled hundreds of miles from southern Egypt to attend. An estimated two million people around the world watched the event online.

Source: CBN News

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

India Extremists Beat Evangelical Pastor Unconscious; Family Attacked

India Extremists Beat Evangelical Pastor Unconscious; Family Attacked

An Indian evangelical pastor was recovering of injuries, after he and his family were beaten by "anti-Christian" Hindu extremists near the capital New Delhi, a major mission group and relatives said.

Lal Mani Prasad of the Immanuel Believers Fellowship congregation was reportedly beaten last Sunday, October 14, at his home in the Narela area of India's administrative district of North West Delhi.

In published remarks his son Samuel Prasad, who suffered a broken hand, said at least two men entered the house and used "a steel water bucket" to hit his father's head till he was unconscious.
The beatings were encouraged by nearly a dozen other Hindus who earlier hurled stones and other materials at the pastor's family home, Christian witnesses said.

"The pastor was beaten badly by the anti-Christians while getting ready for his church's Sunday service," added mission group Hopegivers International (HI), which supports the family.


Additionally, his "wife, son and daughter were badly bruised" with rods in the 30-minute attack, confirmed HI President and Chief Executive Officer Samuel A. Thomas.
Pastor Prasad, "was taken to the [local] hospital, treated and released. [However] after a few days, he was readmitted…with internal bleeding," Thomas explained in a statement to Worthy New

"The pastor was brought to a local hospital where he required 18 stitches on his head," HI said

Local Christians said the attack came after the family was told this year by "extremist Hindus" that they would kill the pastor if he continued with his Christian activities.


HI said its pastor had been "serving the Lord…with the ministry for the last 15 years".
Thomas said he had urged supporters "to pray for the family" was they have to rebuild their lives, and home.
"The anti-Christians also destroyed his kitchen, bedroom and motorcycle." Yet, "There has been

no help from the authorities," he complained.

Pastor Prasad said in brief remarks he was summoned to testify by police, but that he had been unable to go because of his injuries.


Police said however they had registered the so-called 'First Information Report' required to

launch criminal proceedings.
No arrests were reported Sunday, October 19.

Thomas told Worthy News that HI was raising "$5,000 to pay for the pastor's medical bills and a new motorcycle so he can continue to share the Gospel" of Jesus Christ.
Evangelism is part of the pastor's activities.

Hindu groups have been concerned about the spread of Christianity in this predominantly Hindu nation.
Among those converting are many 'Dalits', long viewed as the 'lowest caste' in India's ancient system of Hinduism, according to church and mission groups.


The latest violence has underscored concerns among rights activists about attacks throughout India against devoted Christians and churches.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kutana na Queen Mchomvu mwimbaji wa nyimbo za Injili

QUEEN MCHOMVU ....Gospel Singer

Queen Mchomvu

Wiki hii nimepata nafasi ya kuonana na mwimbaji wa Injili aitwaye Queen Mchomvu

Kwakweli jinsi tulivyokutana namshukuru Mungu tu aliniwezesha tunavyoendelea na mazungumzo utajua ni kwanini nasema hivyo.

Mazungumzo yetu yalikuwa face to face au uso kwa uso na yalikuwa hivi;

Blogger: Bwana Yesu asifiwe dada

Queen: Amen

Blogger: Wewe ndio ulikuwa unaimba pale mbele enhee

Queen; Ndio

Blogger: Unaabudu wapi?

Queen: EAGT City Center na nimeokoka

Blogger: Amen

Blogger:Una album ngapi:Album 4 ,2 zimetoka sokoni na video zake,2 ziko njiani,album zenyewe hizo hapo?

1.      Jehovah Masiah

2.      Maiti yaweza kuokoka

3.      Nashangaa

4.      Kibao kitegeuka

Blogger: Kwanini umeimba Maiti yaweza kuokoka?

Queen:Kutokana na experince niliyoipata tunavyokwenda kushuhudia watu wengine wanakataa wanasema hakuna kuokoka duniani tutaokoka tukishakufa,ndio nikatoa huu wimbo kwamba kuokoka ni hapa hapa duniani maana maiti haiwezi kamwe kuokoka tukisha kufa ni hukumu hakuna wokovu.

Blogger: Historia yako kwa Kifupi ya kuimba

Queen:Tangia mtoto mdogo sana,maana kwanza nimezaliwa katika familia ya waimbaji baba na mama pia ni waimbaji,hata kukutana kwao walikutana katika kwaya wakachumbiana na kuaoana kwahiyo unaweza kuona wameniambukiza Roho ya uimbaji?

Blogger: Weee wewe ndio Queen wa Sunday School ya Temeke? Mamaa Jamani kweli Mungu wa ajabu maana nilikuwa najiuliza uko wapi nakumbuka sana ulivyokuwa mtoto mdogo sana ukiimba kwa ujasiri mkumbwa sana mbele za watu ,sauti nzuri ,ulikuwa saa ingine unawekwa hata juu ya kiti ili watu wakuone yaani Mungu wa ajabu ametukutanisha tena.

Blogger: Wimbo unaoupenda

Queen:  “Njooni Tumwabudu” Kwasababu huu wimbo niliupata siku niliyokuwa nakwenda kurekodi niliupata pale kwasababu huko nyuma mtu aliyekuwa anitolee album yangu akanitapeli wala hakunifanyia kazi tena,ndio nikakutana na mtu akajitolea kurekodi kwa gharama sawa na bure,kwakweli nilijua ni Mungu na ndio nikaimba wimbo huu.

Blogger:Unaonaje Music wa Injili hapa Tanzania?

Queen: Kwakweli umepiga hatua sana na kwasasa una funs (washabiki) wengi sana tena wengine hata sio wa Imani yetu,kwahiyo tunamshukuru Mungu

Blogger:Unatoa Ujumbe gani kwa waimbaji wa Nyimbo za Injili ambao kwa njia moja au nyingine wanajisahau na kujichanganya na mambo ya dunia hii

Queen: Kwakweli inasikitisha maana wanatukanisha Jina la Mungu maana wao sio waimbaji tu ni watumishi wa Mungu,sasa wanavyojichanganya wanafanya waimbaji wainjili waonekane kwamba ni wasanii tu wakati ni watumishi wa Mungu

Queen akiwa amepozi

Blogger:Zaidi ya kuimba ni kitu gani kingine unafanya

Queen: Mimi ni Professional Hair Dresser nimesomea kabisa na nina Saloon,pia ni mpambaji wa shughuli mbalimbali

Blogger:Ok Maisha Mengine Je ninayopenda kusikia?

Queen: Ha ha Haa Nina niko single na nina mtoto wa kiume anaitwa Prince ana miaka 11

Blogger: Hongera kwa Kukuza mpendwa

Blogger:Ujumbe kwa Waimbaji wa Nyimbo za Injili

Queen:Tuwe na Umoja na kama tumeamua kumuimbia Mungu basi tufanye kwa kumaanisha bila usanii wowote,maana Neno la Mungu linasema

Blogger:Ujumbe kwa Jamii

Queen:Naomba Jamii ituombee sana maana kwakweli kazi ni ngumu sana

Blogger: Amina,Asante sana Queen ,Mungu Akubariki nakutakia siku njema na utumishi mwema!
Ukihitaji Kazi zake zinasambazwa na GMC




Friday, October 19, 2012



2 Chron. 7:14

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Father in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,we pray for our lovely country Tanzania,thank you father for the peace that you have given us.
In the name of Jesus we pray for our leaders,father please guide them in making the right decision at this challenging time.
I pray for all Christians of Tanzania to be humble and pray and seek your face and turn from their wicked ways as you said in your word,because father you will hear us from heaven and forgive our sin and will heal our land.

We rebuke the spirit of war in Jesus Mighty Name,we pray for your mercy ooh our Father!

We pray for our families,friends,churches and the whole Nation of Tanzania

Father we Trust in you only because you are our God and you know that your ear is not dumb that you can not hear and your hand is not weak to save

We Pray and Trust that you are going to answer and heal our Nation in Jesus Mighty Name,AMEN


Wapendwa Katika Bwana,
Waumini wa KKKT, Wakristo Wote na Watanzania kwa Ujumla.

Neema na Iwe kwenu na amani itokayo kwa Mungu Baba na Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo, Amina.

Sisi maaskofu wa Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania (KKKT), tumepokea kwa mshtuko mkubwa taarifa za matukio ya uchomaji wa makanisa katika eneo hili la Mbagala. Tumekuwa katika mkutano wetu wa Mwaka wa Lutheran Mission Cooperation (LMC) huko Moshi pamoja na vyama vyote vya Kimissioni vya Ulaya na Marekani. Tumelazimika kukatisha mkutano huo ili kufika hapa Mbagala. Tumekuja kwa madhumuni makubwa matatu:

1.      Tumekuja kuwapa pole na kusimama pamoja nanyi katika uchungu mkubwa mlio nao. Machozi yenu ni machozi yetu. Machozi yetu ni machozi ya Kristo mwenyewe aliye Bwana wa kanisa linaloteswa. Jipeni moyo kwa kuwa yeye aliushinda ulimwengu (Yohana 16:33).

2.      Tumekuja kuonyesha majonzi yetu makubwa kwa vitendo vya uvunjifu wa amani, kuporomoka kwa umoja na mshikamano wa watanzania. Huu ni msiba mkubwa, na wenye msiba ni watanzania wote, wenye dini na wasio na dini.

3.      Tumekuja kushiriki pamoja nanyi kupokea matumaini ya Tanzania mpya. Katika majivu haya yaliyotokana na kuchomwa kwa madhabahu ya Mbagala, Tanzania mpya itazaliwa. Majivu haya na machozi yenu ni rutuba ya Tanzania mpya itakayojali upendo, uvumilivu, ustahimilivu, umoja, mshikamano, uhuru wa kuabudu na dola isiyo na dini.

Katika ujio huu wa maaskofu hapa Mbagala, hatukuja hapa kufanya haya yafuatayo:

1.      Hatukuja kuwahukumu hata kama hatukubaliani na wanaokashifu dini za wenzao, wawe na ruhusa kutoka mamlaka zilizo juu au kama wanajituma wenyewe.

2.      Hatukuja kuwahukumu hata kama hatukubaliani na wanaodhalilisha misahafu ya dini; wawe wametumwa, kutegeshewa na mamlaka zozote au kwa misukumo ya utashi wao binafsi ili kupata kisingizo cha kugombanisha madhehebu ya dini.

3.      Hatukuja kuwahukumu hata kama hatukubaliani na wanaochoma makanisa na kuiba mali za makanisa kwa kisingizio cha kumtetea Mungu. Kisasi cha dhambi hiyo tunamwachia Mungu mwenyewe aliyedhihakiwa na walionajisi madhabahu yake.

Wapendwa wana KKKT na watukuka sana, wana na mabinti wa Tanzania ya Julius Kambarage Nyerere; kilichotokea Mbagala katika wiki ya kuadhimisha siku ya Baba wa Taifa, ni kebehi si kwa Baba wa Taifa bali ni kebehi kwetu sisi wenyewe tunaokalia kiti alichokalia Baba wa Taifa. Yeye amelala baada ya kazi njema. Apumzike kwa amani na tunu zake zifufuke katika majivu haya yaliyotokana na kuchomwa kwa amani na mshikamano wa Tanzania aliyoijenga.

Kilichotokea Mbagala ni mateso ya kimbari, yaani mateso ya Kanisa (Persecution). Mateso haya ni matokeo ya mbegu ya magugu iliyopandwa katika bustani njema na sasa magugu hayo yanazaa matunda machungu. Dalili za mateso ya kimbari kama ilivyo kwa mateso ya kanisa; zilianza kitambo na hazikushughulikiwa na waliomrithi Baba wa Taifa. Dalili hizo ni kama hizi zifuatazo:

·         Uchochezi wa wazi kuwa taifa hili linaendeshwa na unaoitwa “mfumo Kristo”, na kuwa Baba wa Taifa alaaniwe kwa yote aliyolitendea taifa hili.

·         Ubishi usio na tija juu ya idadi ya waumini wa dini mbalimbali hapa nchini na hata kudiriki kushawishi na kugomea zoezi la sensa ya watanzania. Lengo la ubishi huu ni mbegu inayoweza kuratibisha na kurasmisha mateso ya kimbari na mateso ya kanisa.

·         Matumizi mabaya ya baadhi vyombo vya habari, vyenye lengo la kujenga hofu ya kudumu na migawanyiko ya kidini miongoni mwa watanzania

·         Ukimya wa vyombo vya dola juu ya vitendo vya uvunjaji wa sheria ya matumizi ya vyombo vya habari. Kwa vyovyote vile, uvumilivu wa dola hauna maslahi mapana kwa mustakabali wa taifa letu na ni mateso ya kimbari, mateso kwa kanisa, na kwa wantanzania wote; wawe wengi dhidi ya wachache au wachache dhidi ya wengi.

·         Madai yasiyo ya kawaida na ya mara kwa mara kwa serikali inayodaiwa kutokuwa na dini. Madai hayo ni kama:



1.      Kulazimisha uvaaji wa alama za kidini katika taasisi za umma ili kurahisisha na kuratibisha tofauti za watanzania. Tunajiuliza: Likitokea la Mbagala katika mashule yetu na vyuo vya umma, watachomwa wangapi na kuuawa wangapi?

2.      Madai yanayojirudiarudia kutaka balozi za nchi fulani kufungwa hapa nchini. Madai haya yanaashiria kutaka balozi za nchi fulani tu ndiyo ziwe hapa nchini.

3.      Madai na mashinikizo ya Uanzishwaji wa mahakama za kidini hapa nchini

4.      Mashinikizo ya kidini yanayoingilia mifumo ya kitaaluma na kisheria.

5.      Mashinikizo ya kidini juu ya mfumo wa uteuzi wa watendaji wa serikali na katika ofisi za umma,

6.      Kuhoji na kupotosha juu ya ushirikiano wa serikali na mashirika ya dini katika utoaji wa huduma za kijamii hususan afya na elimu hapa nchini

Wapendwa wana KKKT na Wapendwa watanzania wote. Hata kama wanaofanya mambo haya ya kusikitisha wametunukiwa hadhi ya kuitwa kuwa ni “wana harakati”, tofauti na wanaharakati wanaotambuliwa na watanzania walio wengi, tunawiwa kuonya kwa uvumilivu wote kuwa uana harakati wao usitumike kuvunja nchi na sheria za nchi. Tanzania yenye amani na mshikamano ni tunda la dini zote, makabila yote, itikadi zote za vyama, rangi zote na hali zote za kiuchumi. Hata wasio na dini wanachangia amani ya nchi hii.

Kwa macho na masikio yetu, tumeendelea kushuhudia vitendo vya uchomaji makanisa huko Zanzibar, Mwanza, Mdaula, Mto wa Mbu, Tunduru, Rufiji, Kigoma na sasa Mbagala. Wakati wote uvumilivu wa wakristo huenda umetafsiriwa kuwa ni unyonge na woga. Ikumbukwe kuwa hata wanyonge na waoga, hufika wakati wakasema “sasa basi” pale wanapodhalilishwa kupita kiasi. Hatuombei wakristo wafikishwe hapo.

Tumeshuhudia wizara zetu zikivamiwa mchana kweupe na kushinikiza kuachiwa kwa watuhumiwa wa uhalifu; tumeshuhudia vituo vya polisi vikichomwa moto; mahakama zikilazimishwa kufunga shughuli zake, misikiti ikitekwa, uhai wa viongozi wa dini ukitishiwa hadharani na viongozi wastaafu wakizabwa vibao hadharani kwa sababu ya zinazoitwa harakati za kidini. Tumefikia kuhoji, watu hawa wavamie nini ndipo hatua zichukuliwe? Wachome nini ndipo viongozi wenye dhamana ya kulinda mali na uhai washtuke? Wamwue nani ndipo iaminike kuwa watu hawa ni tishio kwa usalama wa taifa letu?

Sisi tulioitwa kwa njia ya nadhiri na viapo vitakatifu, tunawasihi sana waumini wa dini zetu na watanzania kwa ujumla, wenye wajibu wa kututii na wasiolazimika kututii, kuzingatia kuwa Mwenyezi Mungu analipenda taifa hili na watu wake. Kamwe hawezi kuliacha liangamie.

Kwa Wakristo wote, huu ni wakati wa kuendelea kufunga na kuomba kwa ajili ya amani ya taifa hili. Mkristo wa kweli ni yule aliye tayari kuteswa kwa ajili ya Kristo na kanisa. Wakristo hatuko tayari kuua, kutesa, kulipiza kisasi ili kumtetea Kristo. Mungu wetu hatetewi kwa kuua wengine na kuchoma madhabahu ya dini nyingine.

Katika mateso haya, kanisa litaimarika zaidi; na katika majivu haya ya Mbagala, Tanzania mpya itazaliwa na ukombozi wa kweli utapatikana. Tunawataka wakiristo wote kusamehe na kuendelea kuwa raia wema. Kushiriki kikamilifu katika kuleta mabadiliko ya kweli kwa kupitia njia sahihi zilizowekwa. Wakati wengine wanaweka mikakati ya kuchoma madhabahu, wakiristo tuweke mikakati ya kuomba na kushiriki vema katika haki zetu za uraia. Pamoja na kuwa wapole kama njiwa, imetupasa pia kuwa na busara kama nyoka (Mathayo 10:16).


Ni sisi Maaskofu wenu kwa Neema ya Mungu,

1.      Askofu Dr. Alex G. Malasusa – Mkuu, KKKT na D/Mashariki na Pwani

2.      Askofu Dr. Stephen Munga –Mkuu, D/Kaskazini Mashariki

3.      Askofu Dr. Martin Shao – Mkuu, D/Kaskazini

4.      Askofu Dr. Thomas Laizer – Mkuu- D/Kaskazini Kati

5.      Askofu Dr. Benson Bagonza- Mkuu, D/Karagwe

6.      Askofu Isaya J. Mengele – Mkuu, D/Kusini

7.      Askofu Levis Sanga – Mkuu- D/Kusini Kati

8.      Askofu Elisa Buberwa – Mkuu –D/Kaskazini Magharibi

9.      Askofu Andrew Gulle – Mkuu, D/Mashariki ya Ziwa Victoria

10.  Askofu Michael Adam –Mkuu, D/Mkoani Mara

11.  Askofu Renard Mtenji – Mkuu, D/Ulanga-Kilombero

12.  Askofu Dr. Israel-Peter Mwakyolile – Mkuu, D/Konde

13.  Askofu Job Mbwilo – Mkuu, D/Kusini Magharibi

14.  Askofu Dr. Owdenburg Mdegella- Mkuu, D/Iringa

15.  Askofu Jacob Ole Mameo- Mkuu, D/Morogoro

16.  Askofu Zebedayo Daudi – Mkuu, D/Mbulu

17.  Askofu Paulo Akyoo – Mkuu, D/Meru

18.  Askofu Charles Mjema – Mkuu, D/Pare

19.  Askofu Mteule Amon Kinyunyu- Mkuu, D/Dodoma

20.  Askofu Mteule Dr. Alex Mkumbo- Mkuu, D/Kati

Mbagala, DSM, 18 Oktoba 2012


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Teach your Kids to Pray

Teach your Kids to Pray
Fundisha watoto wako Kuomba

Mama na Binti wakiomba
Mithali 22:6 "Mlee mtoto katika njia impasayo naye hataiacha hata atakapokuwa mzee."

Maisha ya sasa yako soo demanding yaani yanabana sana kiasi kwamba watu wanakimbizana huku na kule ili kupata mkate wa kila siku.

Kama Mkiristo pamoja na changamoto zote lazima tusimame katika nafasi zetu.

Jambo la muhimu kwa watu wenye watoto ni kuhakikisha unafundisha watoto wako kuomba haijalishi wana umri gani,inapaswa umfundishe mtoto kuomba kuanzia hata hajazaliwa uwe unamuombea mara kwa mara,na akizaliwa uwe unaomba nae na kuendelea katika hatua zake za ukuaji anatakiwa aone familia inakaa pamoja na inaomba.

Maombi ya familia kwa pamoja yana maana sana kumjengea msingi mtoto,kama neno linavyosema hapo juu kwamba mfundishe mtoto njia atakayoiendea maana hataiacha atakapokuwa.

Akianza kuongea mfundishe kuombea chakula,na watu wote wanaoishi ndani ya nyumba yako unatakiwa uwatrain hivyo kwamba kabla watoto hawajala au kulala lazima waombe kwanza hiyo itageuka kuwa culture au utamaduni ndani ya nyumba yako na itawajenga watoto kujua umuhimu kwa kuomba.

Hata sometimes uwe unakwenda nae kwenye huduma mbalimbali za kuombea watu then anaona jinsi mtu anavyoombewa na mwisho anatoka na ushindi basi hapo mtoto atakuwa na picha ndani yake ya ukuu wa Mungu,atajifunza kukemea pepo na kuombea wagonjwa. Siku nyingine nitawaelezea experience your watoto kumuombea mtu na pepo likatoka.

Kama ikitokea wewe mwenyewe hujisikii vizuri au mwenzake anaumwa mzoeshe mtoto akuombee au amuombee huyo mtu anayepatwa na hiyo shida,basi hapo utakuwa unafanya training ya kuwaanda watumishi wakubwa wa kizazi kijacho….Najua kabisa Ibilisi hapendi lakini maneno ya Mungu katika Mathayo 19:26 Yanasema kwamba Kwa Binadamu Haiwezekani lakini kwa Mungu hakuna Lisilowezekana!

Faida za kumfundisha mtoto kuomba:

· Atakomaa na kukua Kiroho

· Atajengwa katika kusudi Mungu alilomuitia

· Ataweza kupambana na hila zote za Iblisi popote atakapokuwa

· Uhakika wa Ulinzi wa Mungu

· Kuja kuwa Mama au Baba bora

Mungu atusaidie tuweze kuwafundisha watoto jinsi ya kuomba,AMEN

Nakaribisha Mwenye cha kuongeza jamani tuweze kujengana……click comment utoe mchango wako