Monday, December 31, 2012


As the New Year begins, we often make resolutions and so, even non believer do make New Year Resolutions, it is important for Christian to keep the resolutions or promise they have made. Here are some few Resolutions that I thought one should make to have a Victorious Year 2013.


Prayer is a way of communicating with our Father God, failure to communicate with him he will not understand your need. Set a precious time to have an intimacy fellowship with him.

Plan to be the Prayer Warrior, Ameen!


At least twice in a week have time to share the word of God and pray with other brethren. Your faith will be strengthens and you will find yourself moving from Glory to Glory, Amen


Most of us are very stinge, may God help us to change our attitude this coming year and always, by giving more to him and to the needy. Give not only your money but your time, talent and any other resource to be used for the Glory of God. By doing so the shower of Blessing will be Yours, Amen! I feel like preaching…

Ensure you have right attitude towards money, do not forget to tithe, Amen, May God Help Us.

Healthy living

Having balanced diet, avoiding Junk foods, regular body exercise and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, also set a time to relax.

Eat a lot of fruits, some white meat and avoid red…meat…

Check your weight regularly if it is not okay, plan Weight Loss Program; if you need one contact us….

Spend time with your family

This is two sided, parents ensure you spend time with your kids, pray and play with them. Yeah it’s so good for a father to play with her/his kids it adds a lot of value to them. Grown kids like me J also should have time with their parents, visit, talk and listen to them.


Become the best

Plan to become the best in whatever you are doing in your church, work, university, school and home.

Be the best… Pastor, Father,Mother,Wife,Husband,Employee,Student,Kid .Hallelujah











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