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Get to know Diana Bulele a Tanzanian Gospel Artiste who serving the Lord in United Kingdom

Diana Bulele and the Husband Bulele,the Buleles


Rejoice and Rejoice is honored to have Diana Bulele this week, a Tanzania Gospel artiste who with her husband has passion to serve  the Lord Jesus by Praise and Worship.

Blogger: Praise the Lord may I know who are you? Your names and Nick Names if any

Diana(Madida)  Kihayile aka Mrs Bubele Kihayile

Blogger: Wow Thanks, When did you receive Christ

I came to know Christ as my personal savior in 1997,after attending one of the largest crusade organized by EAGT in Mwanza Tanzania,Moses Kulola’s preaching came with such a power into my heart as a result I was left with no option rather than accepting Jesus as my personal savior.

Blogger: Amen, What motivate you to be involved in Gospel Music

Soon after giving my life to Jesus I became an active Christian in the church that I attended (Imani church under Rev.Juliana Nyanda leadership), found myself serving in both church choir and praise team.  After a confirmation from God that SINGING is my ministry I have never stopped come either rain or shine.
Diana Bulele in her ministry

Blogger: When did you started and How

I started singing in the end of 1997,it happened to have a family friends in the church who were all musically (the Kihayile’s) therefore they encouraged me to join the choir not only that, they also offered 100% support on my vocal trainings plus Christian life teachings in general.

Blogger: How Many Albums do you have? Which are they?

I have recorded two albums in the past, MIMI NAJUA YESU ANANIPENDA/I KNOW JESUS LOVES ME in 2003 followed by Milele/Forever 2006, I with my music partner (Bubele Kihayile) have released an album known as Tumpe sifa/Lets Praise in April 2013.

The current album remarks an official birth of Diana and Bubele Music Ministry (BDMM), which has the aim of reaching out individual with the love of God via Music. In most places I minister with my partner therefore it is very rare to find me on my own because we feel this is the way that Holy Spirit leads us at the moment.
With Prayer everthing is possible

Blogger: Congratulations, How do you see Gospel Music Industry in Tanzania?

Speaking from what I hear from local media and social networks it seems the industry is heading somewhere, the community buys gospel songs of which it’s a good sign of development and there are so many individuals nowadays who sing and record gospel Music compare to back in days.

However, there is still a need for musician to develop their skills for bigger audience i.e. outside the country. also gospel Music shouldn’t be categorized as entertainment only the focus must be God and his glory, the bible say God dwells in the praises of his people, both audience and singers should not be satisfied if  there is no glory in the Music, it the glory that makes the difference from any other Music.

Blogger: What can you say for Gospel singers who are incorporating secular themes/styles in Gospel Music   and those who have turned backed to sing secular music?

It’s wrong to sing secular while you have been chosen/separated for a purpose that is to represent God’s kingdom on earth, anything that does not bring God glory it is not worth doing therefore if there is any gospel singer who has been influenced by secular musicians and change their theme (good news), I can just advice them to go back to the basics, why are they singing and to who?

God has given us free will to use our talents but according to his purpose only, therefore when you walk out of his will you exempt yourself from his benefits in other words you will have a wasted talents and life.

So come back to God and ask him to open your spiritual eyes in addition just stay connected to God.

Depending on what community think it is secular, I personally think they shouldn’t be a line that all gospel musician has to mention the name Jesus,God,Spirit,heaven,bible verse etc in every song,

Musician as any minister can be given a specific message to reach out the wider community as long as the message is of good cause ie Amani ya Tanzania,Mama Nakupenda,kina mama ni jeshi,wamefunga ndoa etc

Also about the style, I personally do not know which style is not for gospel, any style can be suitable as long as it’s acceptable to that culture, thou there are specific styles when you hear them your mind goes to church even if there are not gospels

i.e. in Britain most praise songs are in rock, or in DRC their culture allows them to use Bolingo during praise and worship so what matter is the motive/power or the spirit behind every song,

The bible says Holy Spirit is a helper, if he gives you a certain Music style he will also give you the specific audience whose life transformation depend on that song.

Blogger: It has been said that some Gospel Musicians are not serious with God they are just there for their own interest? Is it True and what is your view?

That is the fact, Satan will do anything and everything to steal,destoy,kill anything that brings God glory, especially musicians, He was named Lucifer the one with music in his body unfortunately He wanted to be adored as God! Since then he feels jealous when God get praises, devil hates singers and when people praise and worship God in spirit and truth.

He comes to take your attention from God to something else i.e. self glory, money, fame etc

Blogger: What is your message to Gospel Musicians in Tanzania?

A singer is in a very fierce battle against the enemy camp, so they should bear this in mind that all the trials that they are facing is for one thing precious(sacrifice of true praise to God)

Gospel musicians have to commit their lives to God, by having continually fellowship with God through prayers and word of God, also ensure they have spiritual mentors who can speak to their lives at any time in any level possible.

Blogger: Your message to Tanzania Church and Society?

We should support each other, pray for one another and our aim should be one, to bring down on earth the kingdom of God (Righteousness, peace and Joy)

Humble ourselves before God and pray without seizing for our children, government and community at Large.

There are great exploits God will do in these end days but it will depend on few individuals who are willing to hear from heaven,Haggai 2: 9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, says the Lord of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, says the Lord of hosts.

Blogger: Your favourite Gospel Musicians

There are so many gospel musicians who are on my favourite list,Cece Winans,Yolanda Adams.Mary Mary and Upendo Kilahiro.

Blogger: Describe your personal life briefly, Kids? Married? Engaged?

I am married to one precious man called Bubele Kihayile, together we are blessed with two daughters namely Rina Jodiah(3.7yrs) and Jaina Sasha(1.7Yrs).
Wow Lovely
Blogger: How can people get your CDs, DVDs, and VCDs?

At the moment the album is available to all online stores ITunes, Amazon etc title Tumpe Sifa/Lets praise by Bubele and Diana.

Blogger: Are you ready for Invitations i.e Weddings, Conferences, Churches e.t.c

Yes we always ready for any invitations as long as we are free on the requested Dates. people can contact as via our official facebook page/bubeledianamusicministries and

God bless you abundantly.

Blogger: Amen Thanks Very Much, May God Bless you for your good work.



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