Saturday, February 18, 2017

WE ARE CREATED TO WORSHIP GOD by Pastor Rogers Namwenje

Everyone that has breath must Praise God

1 Corinthians 10: 31

Isiah 43:7

"Whom I created for my glory"

We are created to glorify God

We are created to worship God

God created man in his own image ,and command a man to multiply

One of the feature that we see in the image of God is GLORY

Whenever man multiplies the world is filled and because they have with them the Glory of God, meaning the World will be filled with Glory of God

We are created to make God Happy

We are created to excite God

We are at our best when we Glorify God

Bringing Glory to God is our business

In whatever we are doing let it be for the Glory of God

Our purpose is to glorify God

Let people knows we are serving the Mighty God

The art of worshiping is giving Glory to God

Where Do we Worship God?

Do We only worship God in the praise and worship session in our church?

Worshiping God is not in church only

Worshiping God is something we should do every single day

Worshiping God must be our lifestyle

Two things happen when we worship God

1.We worship God Collectively

2. We translate our service by our words

Worshipping God is not by singing only but by our WORDS

Words like GOD YOU ARE GREAT for something that has happened in your life

Maybe God has rescue you from fatal accident

When worshiping God you are not saying the words from the Song but Words from your HEART


We ought to live life that glorify God

Sometimes we find the worshipping environment very hard this is because of what people have

brought from their homes

If brethren will come in the service with worshipping heart the presence of God will be evident

If you have the Spirit of worship even though you are in environment where nobody can see you

You will continue to live in the fear of God

When you are close to source of power you will do great things

"If you don't service the source You will run out of resource "

You cannot go wrong by worshipping God

If worshipping is bringing honor to God so anything that does not give honor to God we are

dishonoring God


1. It begins in our Mind

When you admire human being because of his Intellect is half of story but the complete part is

there is somebody who gave them the capability, so we ought to Praise the Creator God

"God you are intelligent than anything

"God you are such a wonderful creator

"God you are clever

2. Heart

Heart get signals that God is GREAT


My body will respond

My mouth will sing

My hands will be lifted

This is what happened for people who knows that they are created to Worship God

The Psalmist says "Everyone that has breath must Praise God "

When you know he is worth you cannot stop to Praise God

Job was rich but one day every riches that he has was taken away

" The Lord has given The Lord has taken. ...

This is kind of worship teaches us to worship God in every situation

True worship begin with Knowledge through Your Mind

You need to know God

John 17 ..This is eternal life that they should know you

God is not desperate of our worship he has angels worshipping him day and night

When we are worship God we are not doing him a favor we are doing ourselves a favour

It's in our best interest

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