Monday, October 29, 2012

Get to Know:Twamsifueli Worship Group

Twamsifueli Worship Group formed by East African Ladies resides in Canada

In January 2010 in Ontario, Canada, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated ladies thought of worshiping God and telling of His wonders through dancing.  They decided to form a dance group called “Twamsifueli” which in Swahili, a popular East and Central African language means “We Praise The Lord”.
The Group is formed by East Africa ladies( from Tanzania and Kenya) who lives in Canada, namely Adeline,Beatrice,Catherine K,Catherine L,Levina,Millicent,Nsiande and Pauline.
Twamsifueli believes that, "If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance". By dancing, we allow ourselves to move from the inside out, and naturally create some healing and harmony to ourselves and the world around us.  In Africa where we come from, dancing does not mean only physical movement, but also a celebration of life and a creation of healing.

•African Heritage Traditional Songs.

•African and Non-African Religious Songs.

•Motivational Songs.


•Seniors in Retirement Homes and Homes for the Aged.

Why We Want to Dance for Seniors in Retirement Homes, Homes For The Aged, and Community & Social Events?

•Our group is aware that dancing is not a trouble-free recreation for most elders, but by watching us dance and imagining/letting themselves dance in their hearts and minds with us, they too can add a day, if not a week of happiness in their hearts and minds.

•Our African traditional dance will be our way to show contribution to our family duties.  Entertaining elders is our way to return love and appreciation and to provide comfort and assurance to our aging parents (here and from wherever we came from).

•As much as our children, work, and church activities heave us in many directions, we shall endeavor to continue to honor our aging parents by making provision for their occasional needs; for instance, by providing entertainment for them through dance and music.  

•Community gatherings give us a sense of belonging and of solidarity. It is a time to connect with each other, to be part of that collective rhythm of the life in which young and old, rich and poor, men and women are all invited to contribute to the society. Through dancing, Twamsifueli hopes to express the life of the community.



  1. You are doing an amazing work you people God Bless you sanaa

    1. Asanteni sana, God has been good to us

  2. God will pay you,keepon the good work you have started