Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Billy Graham Encourages Americans to Vote Biblical Values

Billy Graham Encourages Americans to Vote Biblical Values

Rev Billy Graham

Rev. Billy Graham is encouraging people to vote based on biblical values.
"We are at a crossroads and there are profound moral issues at stake," Graham said  "I strongly urge you to vote for candidates who support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman, protect the sanctity of life, and defend our religious freedoms."
"The legacy we leave behind for our children, grandchildren and this great nation is crucial," he continues. "As I approach my 94th birthday, I realize this election could be my last. I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel."
Graham also urged voters to pray that America remains one nation under God.
Political experts say a push to support biblical principles usually appeals to the Republican party. But it's unlikely to sway voters who already have their minds made up.
"I personally am a Christian and like to vote based on my spiritual beliefs and values, and I would tend to vote for a candidate that values that as well," Romney supporter Tom Duzan said.
"You're being very sneaky and insidious about endorsing a candidate without saying the actual words," Emery Anderson, an Obama supporter, said.
During the next few weeks Graham's ad will run in USA Today and several other newspapers in as many as a dozen states.

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  1. surely Americans are at the cross road. Romney mormons, Obama naye msimamo wake juu ya ndoa za jinsia moja...ila naona ushindi uko upande wa kaka wa kijaluo