Monday, November 12, 2012

Face to Face with Double E Gospel Singers

This weekend I met Evelyne & Esther  a.k.a Double E Gosple Singers.

I  Interviewed them,it was exciting . The conversation was as follows:

Blogger: Praise the Lord

Double E: Amen Sister

Blogger: I am aware that you are Double E,please may I know your real names
Double E: We are Evelyne and Ester Bernard,we are sisters,Evelyne is Senior to me
Blogger: Wow real? I didnt know that you are sisters,

Blogger: How can you describe your relationship with Jesus?
Double E: We are born again Christian,we Love Jesus very much, above all we have been raised in a God fearing family our parents are Pastors
Blogger: Wow,Thank you,good

Blogger: Okay,How many Album do you have and what are they
Double E:We have two Albums,the first one is known as Napambana which was released in 2009 and the second one is Mungu anasema na Wewe and it will be released soon. The second Album has 8 Songs.
Blogger: What is your favorite soon in your Album and Why?
Double E: Our favourite song is YESU YUPO,because it is encouraging people who are passing through difficult situation

Listen to Yesu Yupo from Double E

Blogger: What is your Achievement in Gospel Music
Double E: We were the Winner of Tanzania Gospel Music Award in year 2011
Blogger: Oooh ,GONGRATULATIONS,I am Excited
Receiving Tanzania Gospel Music Award in 2011
Double E giving a Word of Thanks

Blogger: How do you see Gosple Music in Tanzania
Double E: The Gospel Music is good but people has to sing in Spirit and
Double E with their Mother

Blogger: What can you tell  Gospel Singers who are not living what they preached

Double E: It is shameful to sing for Christ and misbehave,they are making the world to disrespect the Gospel of Jesus Christ ,if we have decided to sing for Jesus let our actions and motive be toward God. We Gospel Singers are  preachers,we are suppose to be light and salt. For those who are still misbehaving they should understand that God will uncover their evils . Gospel Singers are suppose to live a Holy Life,if you are still at crossroad wheter you should serve God or Not you better step aside and not disrespect God with your attitude.

Blogger: You are very right,
Blogger: Any message to Gosple Singers
Double E: My Fellow Gospel Musicians we should love each other,be cooperative and live a Holy Life,with the help of God we can do it.

Blogger;Amen, What can you tell Tanzania Society
Double E: Please pray for us and we nee your support

Blogger: Other than Gosple Music what are you doing
Double E; We are Business women,we own a Boutique
Blogger: Wow ,Excellent,God Bless You in the good work that you are doing

By Luphurise

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