Thursday, November 22, 2012

Get to Know Bishop Shaboka a promising Gospel Musician in Tanzania

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet a Gospel Musician Bishop Nickodemus Shaboka Jr a.k.a Bishop
Bishop Shaboka
Blogger; Praise the Lord may I know Who are you?
My name is Bishop Nickodemus Kisangule Shaboka Junior. I’m 25 years of age.

A pastor and mentor by calling. A professional Journalist, Musician, Actor, Director,

Interpreter, Translator, Narrator, Master of ceremony, Composer and Author. I’m the

last born in a family of six brothers and one daughter. I’m Tanzanian Citizen by birth.

I’m the founder of Season of Harvest Ministry International (SHAMI) based in Tanzania.

Currently I’m serving at City Harvest under Pastor Yared Dondo, my dearest father and

friend. This is my home church where I’m accountable.

Blogger; Wow Thanks ,When did you receive Christ

I was raised a strong catholic, served on the altar since I was seven year of age in

Musoma Cathedral, I was gradually introduced to Pentecostal faith from the 90’s but

personally got converted 13 years ago. I began ministering a year after provided I had

fresh mind and a teachable spirit. God couldn’t hesitate to use me mightily.

Blogger; Amen, What motivate you to be involved in Gospel Music

I was born a worshiper and loved music, in fact 90% of my life is music, I knew I had

a musical talent since nursery school because I used to created musical instruments of

my own and sing to my colleagues. But a year after I received Christ I felt a move to sing

to him because that was the best I could do without taught or told the HOW. So after

getting it right, I was moved to minister to other through music.

Blogger; When did you started and How

Well, I started at Mpakani EAGT in the year 2000, where I founded a group, that

was Calvin(the vocalist), Erasto our drummer (local drum) and me(the song writer). But

later on I moved to Mnazi Mmoja EAGT(Currently Mito ya Baraka) under pastor Erastus

Andrew and joined the Children choir, we had the E-Sisters in the team I remember.

My musical skills kept growing with me day by day. In 2001 I joined Chuo cha Manabii

Calvary Assemblies of God under Pastor Imelda Maboya, frankly speaking my musical

talent was groomed there. I found again another group by the name of DOT COM

GENERRATION were I had Pastor Eliya Mwambamba as my keyboardist, but later on

my brothe Martin Bashando joined me, so we formed a team of three. We recorded

released the first two songs in 2004 that was entitled “Futa Machozi” and “Natamani”

and had a blessed opportunity to be aired in several radio stations in Dar es Salaam. All

Glory I give to God for the progress I’ve had from time to time.

Blogger; How Many Albums do you have? Which are they

As the group we have two albums, the first one is FUTA MACHOZI that was a mix

though I lead several songs and AWAMU NYINGINE the second were Bashando leads

several songs. Actually that is our policy, nobody dominates, we all give each other

chances to be heard. I’m currently working on the third album that will be YESU UKAE

NAMI DvD, followed by pure worship album.


Blogger; Congratulations,How do you see Gospel Music Industry in Tanzania
Gospel Music is advancing but very challenging, I remember the time when we

started singing was just for Gods glory and personal enjoyment, but in these days music

is business. Now many are losing focus that we had in our days were we sung to praise

God and minister to the hearts of people and their needs. But today we have everybody

singing, some are not talent and don’t even have the grace to worship, they just follow

what others are doing. We have other group of pastors and bishops misusing the gift of

music in the church. They discourage musicians by calling them names and deaminizing

they’re gifts. Lastly we have gospel musicians who are typically doing business and not

ministry, this shouldn’t be the focus. I’m not saying they shouldn’t but they should be

focused and keep the fire burning for God and not to making money as the priority. Our

talents should be to God, for God and with God.

Blogger; What can you say for Gospel singers who are incorporating secular themes/styles in Gospel Music   and those who have turned backed to sing secular music?

The bible remarks that We are wonderful and fearful made. This statement itself

describes that we Christians (Born again, Holy Ghost Filled) have unique innovations

and inversions of our own, that we don’t have to copy from the world and paste to the

church. Because if you personally stay put to the Holy Spirit, He will give you things that

nobody throughout the history has ever had. And just for clarity, music is music, what

matters is the content and quality, this means spiritual content and divine quality. If

you have these in set, it won’t matter the style you use. Because God has called each

person with a different assignment, and each person has a unique strategy of reaching

out . Part B, those who turn to the world were never in Christ and have never genuinely

tasted the gift of God and experienced His goodness. If you sincerely come to Christ and

have him fully in you, there is no way he can let you go back to Egypt.

Blogger:      It has been said that some Gospel Musicians are not serious with God they are just there for their own interest? Is it True or what is your view

This is ever true and it will continue to be, even our LORD and God Jesus said, not

every one that calls him LORD will enter his kingdom. So as I said initially, gospel music

industry was once a ministerial thing or a hobby, but with time it has turned to be

business of great deal, and we have entrepreneurs who are hunting for new business

out there. So they came for money and some are in it as a calling that we will give

account for.

Blogger; What is your message to Gospel Musicians in Tanzania

I appreciate all fellas who are in Gospel Music Industry in Tanzania, they are doing

a very good job of preaching Jesus behind closed doors that our basic preaching would

by no means penetrate. I pray that we will take it more serious and re-commit ourselves

to give our best as we focus on Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. Let

each minister ask him/herself “Why Am I singing?” and the answer to this question will

give us direction. And to the entrepreneurs, I also appreciate them because the bible

remarks that “In whatever way, the gospel must be preached. Let’s serve him heartedly,

the LORD is near.

Blogger; Your message to Tanzania Church?

It is time for the church to step out of denomination box and join hands together

as the body of Christ seeing that the day is approaching. Let us be focused and do the

work of him who has sent us while it’s still day, the night comes that we won’t be able.

Let us be identified and Christians and not through our denominations. Let’s reach the

point of agreeing to disagree and remain in unity. We need to be able to have a say as

the church in the country. It is a shame how scattered we are. The Lord’s Prayer in

John 17. He prayed that we may be one as the trinity. May all Bishops, Pastors, Apostles and

all ministers know that Jesus left behind the Church and not Denominations and tittles.

He commissioned us to preach, baptize and teach that is to make disciples of Christ not

fighting each other as for who is the best. May God help us.

Blogger; Your favourite Gospel Musicians

I love all Gospel musicians and I appreciate them all in and out of Tanzania, they are

the best people I value. Because God has used each of them in particular to speak to my

life, uplift my spirit, heal my wounds, answer my prayers and so much more. I cann

out list each by names because they are many. All I can say, God bless you and keep it



Amen Bishop Thanks Very Much May God Bless you in your good work that you are doing.