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One on One with Moji Olusoji Nigerian Gospel Artiste a Winner of Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA) 2013

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We are privileged to have an Interview with Moji Olusoji a Winner of Africa Gospel Music Award (AGMA) 2013.

Moji Olusoji Nigerian Gospel Artiste

Blogger: Praise the Lord may I know who are you? Your names and Nick Names if any

 Moji: In summary I am a wife-mother-Geoscientist-Gospel Artiste and I love the Lord deeply. I am married to Kayode Olusoji (The Gidi Gan Master) and by the grace of God blessed with 3 lovely boys. I am from Ondo State in Nigeria. Well people call me Moji and my hubby calls me Moj and sometimes Mj.
Blogger: Wow Thanks, When did you receive Christ

Moji: I received Christ sometimes in the 80’s. Well for me it was a decision I took over a period of time. I kept confessing my sins over and over again but thank God I am saved by his grace.

Blogger: Amen, What motivated you to be involved in Gospel Music

Moji: My motivation to be involved in gospel music I will say is from the fact that I am convinced this is what God wants me to do. I remember vividly the dream I had back in the 80’s where I was in a big stadium sized auditorium, some Artists had ministered before me and when I came up, the presence of God was all over the place, things began to happen. That for me drives me because I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that when I sing, I am a minister and people’s lives must not be the same again. There is no other platform to do this for me than gospel, spreading the good news through my music. My passion is raising worshippers to God.
Blogger: When did you start and How

Moji: Singing for me started in the 80’s. Over the years I have been consistently involved in several brands, church choirs, groups at different levels both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Specifically, in the UK.  But professionally, I started in 2007 as an independent Artiste.

The Poise
Blogger: How Many Albums do you have? Which are they?

Moji: Well at the moment I only have one full album which was my debut titled “All Nations”. This was released in 2007 and that did take me to several nations_Ghana, South Africa and the UK.

At the moment, I also have 4 hit singles from my upcoming full album titled “He’s Real Hit Singles” in OHTV stores in the UK and I also sell from my website @ However, my full 2nd album will be formally launched by God’s grace 4th quarter, 2014 titled “He’s Real Reloaded. This is already online @ ITunes ( also on spinlet in Nigeria (
                                    Watch " I Stand Amazed" song by Moji Olasuji

Blogger: I understand you Won the African Gospel Music Award -2013, tell us about it what is the secret to this success

Moji: Yes I won the discovery of the year at the Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA), 2013 in the UK and I also had several national and international award nominations during that year. Well, the secret is God’s favor really smiling on the work of your hands.

I will also thank my fans for constantly voting for me. I couldn’t have done it without them. So it’s a combination of favor, hardwork, online presence, fan support etc.

I give God all the glory even with the consciousness that the award by the King of Kings is the one with eternal value and that’s what my heart yearns for.

Moji the Winner of AGMA 2013

The Award
Blogger: Congratulations, How do you see Gospel Music Industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole?

Moji: Thank you very much. Well generally gospel music in Nigeria is looking up. We still have loads of challenges and certainly a lot of room for improvement but I must say there has been tremendous improvement in the area of creativity of gospel music videos, quality etc. There is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of lyrical content though. From my interactions with people, I realize that people want to listen to Gospel music and know that they are listening to gospel. They want to be blessed; they want to be ministered to. But I dare say there must still be worded party bangers gospel songs (if you will) that people can use to fill the gap at parties. It’s sort of a narrow overlap there but I am looking forward to a lot more improvement in terms of content.

Well in Africa as a whole, again, I will say we are getting better by the day. If you consider gospel groups like Joyous Celebration (JC) in South Africa, you will be amazed by the quality of presentation by the various lead artistes, level of organization, quality of sound, stage etc. So I dare say there is no stopping gospel music on the continent of Africa.

Blogger: Who is your role model and why

Moji: Well I have couple of role models and each of them have one thing or the other I admire about them. Some of my role models in music are Bob Fitts. I love him because for me, as simple as his songs are, what I hear is a man that has a personal relationship with God and I can connect easily with him whenever I hear his song. I am very particular about that as a music minister and I guess that’s why I have that connection with him.

I like Juanita Bynum as well. I like the passion with which she sings, her adlib, her songs quite simple too. Sometimes just 2 lines and there is so much energy and power when you hear her sing. I connect easily when I hear her.

     I like Karen Clarke Sheard as well for her soprano vocal range. She trikes me also as one who is vocally strong and good but also someone who has a personal relationship with God.

The list goes on and on really: William McDowell, vashawn Mitchell etc

Blogger: What can you say for Gospel singers who are incorporating secular themes/styles in Gospel  Music and those who have turned backed to sing secular music?

Moji: My philosophy is if you are singing gospel, stay gospel. There is no middle line. Let’s be focused. Most of the people that compromise this way are carried away by fame, titles, quick money etc. All this are the lust of the eyes, flesh and pride of life. It’s the same principle the devil uses all the time to get people off track. My advice to my colleagues in the gospel industry is to stay focused. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. God is able to take us to a better place.

 Blogger: It has been said that some Gospel Musicians are not serious with God they are just there for their own interest (e.g to make money, celebrity)? Is it True and what is your view?

Moji: Well we can’t rule that out. This will always happen. Even in the Bible days, I remember someone complaining to Paul the apostle that some people were preaching Christ to extort people who were weak. Even the disciples of Jesus brought that kind of complaint to Jesus and he said, the wheat and the chaff should be allowed to grow together; eventually there will be a separation by God.

God is the one to judge the intent of any man. At the end of the day, every man will receive a reward for whatever they have sown. I won’t lose sleep over that though I can encourage people involved in such to come clean with God and stay focused.
Blogger: What is your message to Gospel Musicians in Africa?

Moji: I will say to artistes, the harvest indeed is plenty but the laborers are few, let’s get into the secret place. There is a lot God has placed in our hands and there is a lot he requires of us. Let’s sharpen our skills, get more knowledge about our craft, spend more time in the presence of God and not get more involved in reaching out to the world through our music.

Finally I will say fellow musicians, keep your eyes on the ball, and never lose focus. The Lord is counting on us deeply.
Blogger: Your message to African Church and Society?

Moji: To the African church in Africa, I will say this are the last days and creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. The challenge is for us to reach out with the demonstration of God’s power through our message. This can be either through the word or through our song. The Lord is counting on us and he has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. Get into the secret place church.

Blogger: Who are your favorite Gospel Musicians in Africa and Why

Moji: Joyous Celebration (JC) is a favorite brand for me in Africa. I like them because as I said earlier I can see that a lot goes into what they do in terms of preparation and delivery and that shows pretty much in their concert deliveries. Like my very good friend and fan Ncebakazi in JC, she sings with so much passion and anointing and I just love her. I also like Mahalia (former JC member); her soft and silky voice just gets me asking for more. I keep listening to her rendition of “Lift up your eyes”. I love Benjamin Dube too, also a South African. He’s a worshipper and for me I easily fall in love with powerful worship ministers.
Blogger: Describe your personal life briefly, Kids? Married? Engaged?

Moji: Well as I said at the beginning. I am married with 3 boys and wow I am so stretched for time combining all that I joggle together but God has constantly be faithful to me giving me the grace to go on.

I love singing, rehearsing, reading, travelling and watching movies if I have time. I don’t like flying though I do a lot of that ironically.

I am fun to be with and I love sincere, objective and purpose driven people. Most importantly of all, I love the Lord deeply.

Blogger: How can people get your CDs, DVDs, VCDs?

Moji: I have my cd on online stores couple of them: (Europe only)

Several other online stores.
Blogger: Are you ready for Invitations i.e. Weddings, Conferences, Churches etc.

Moji: I am very ready Africa. Anywhere in the world, just call my name and I will there. My desire is to reach the ends of the earth with my music and I am so ready.

Blogger: Tell us anything that you want Africa and World to know about you

Moji: I want people to know that I am passionate about God, passionate about worship, passionate about my craft and I just want to continuously pour out my heart to do this. I am born to WORSHIP. That’s my heart, that’s who I am and that’s the me I want to pour out to the world ministering the love of God. So if you are looking for that brand to bring down the glory of God, think Moji Olusoji.
Blogger: Amen Thanks Very Much, May God Bless you for your good work.

Moji: Amen and thanks for having me. I am really delighted and I count this opportunity a big privilege. God bless you real good for promoting gospel.


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