Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get to Know Dudu a Burundian Gospel Artist

Born on September 27th 1981 in Bujumbura, the main town of a very small country right in the heart of Africa called Burundi, Dudu T. NIYUKURI grew up loving music from his younger age.

He started to sing when he was 10 years old in a church where Daddy was the pastor; from whom he even got his first chords on guitar. Growing more passionate in music, he went, in 1995 to a music youth center to search for more. And that’s when he started to properly get involved into music.

In 1998 Dudu surrendered his life to Christ and started to walk closely with Him. From that relationship with God was born a compassionate heart for all the people who haven’t come to meet the Lord yet and a strong desire to be a witness of the life changing power of the Gospel.

In 2001, after his church leaders recognized the undeniable anointing upon his life, they entrusted him with the charge of the praise and worship department where he couldn’t help but be effective. The evidence came along that in the time when  the country was going through tough civil war, the praise and worship ministry which Dudu was exercising in his church became like an oasis for his desperate fellows and began to build up hope that would actually impact their relationship with God and change their destiny.

As the ministry grew bigger in impact, the need of a professional training in music became obvious because of the limitations he was facing as far as music production was concerned. So God opened a door and he packed his bags and headed for Johannesburg, S.A. in a 2-years period in  the « Academy of Sound engineering » College.

He came out with an operating sound engineering diploma and began to promote Gospel music in Burundi with different artist like Fabrice Nzeyimana, David Nduwimana, Peace-Nadine Ningabire, Fortrant Bigirimana, the GMP team, the Redemption Voice and so on since 2008.

Recently in 2011, he settled to work on his album Jubilee, a collection of Dudu’s hits which is now available.

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  1. It is very informative to know about the struggling time period of Dude T. NIYUKURI. He really worked hard to set up his career as the best of gospel artists. I want to know more about his musical albums. Please share with me.